Authorization Vs. Charge

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Rockwell Nutritionʼs policy is that we will not charge you for any items until they ship out to you. But when you initially place your order, we do authorize your credit card in the full amount of the order - just to confirm that the funds are available. This will display on your credit card statement as an "authorization" or "pending charge." Once the order is shipped, we will charge your card and the authorization/pending charge will drop off within 24 hours.

Please bear in mind that since we do not charge for products until they ship out, the pending authorization will show until your first shipment. When an item gets shipped, we will charge you for that amount, and the "authorization (or "pending charge" will be reduced to any remaining items that may be backordered/ Unshipped.

Depending on your bank, there may be a period of 24-72 hours in which you see both the full authorization and the authorization for the backordered items. This will rectify itself, and within 48 hours of your first shipment you will see the initial full authorization drop off.

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